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Qwerty Networks is a group of projects combining the Qwerty Social Network Engine functional complex and the Qwerty Networks information environment, which includes the technological infrastructure, the Qwerty AI artificial intelligence system, and other company resources. Our profile is the creation and promotion of highly loaded Internet resources: specialized social networks, web portals and applications.

History and professional achievements of the company.

Qwerty Networks is a team of specialists founded in 2001 in Russia under the name Soft Trade Lab, the main activity of which was the automation of company business.

In 2010, the company began its activities in the field of information security and Internet technologies and created a data center in Moscow. During this period, a set of tools was developed to protect server equipment and large Internet platforms from DDOS attacks, hacks, data leakage, theft of content, etc.

Currently, Qwerty Networks specializes in the development of highly loaded projects - social networks and multifunctional web portals.

The main activities of the company.

- Qwerty Social Network Engine . Hardware-software complex and framework for the development of complex web projects (for short - QSNE). We will tell you more about it later.

- Qwerty Neural Network . Creation of neural networks for solving neurolinguistic problems. An example is the digital robot Marat Gelman 3.0 - guelman.ru based on the Qwerty AI artificial intelligence platform. Artificial intelligence is used in most of our projects to automate communication with users, publish and pre-moderate content, create a snippet database for instant messengers, as well as an interlocutor, a “personal agent”, a support employee, a manager of a “smart home”, etc.

- Qwerty AI Messenger . A full-fledged analog of Whatsapp and Telegram, whose advantages are protection against blocking, secure exchange of encryption keys based on the Diffie-Hellman protocol, a social network inside the messenger and the use of artificial intelligence.

Hardware-software complex Qwerty Social Networks Engine.

Since 2014, the company's priority has been the development of the Qwerty Social Networks Engine (QSNE) software package, designed to create platforms and social networks with high requirements for working under high loads.

The international blogging platform Qwerty.Blog (December, 2016) was created on the basis of the first version of the QSNE platform. It works in 47 languages of the world and allows you to blog on a variety of topics.

Qwerty Social Networks Engine has successfully proved itself as a platform for specialized social networks with high traffic. In 2017, a social network was launched for owners of web resources with the option of web analytics, in 2019 - the social network vetworld.net, uniting owners of pets, veterinarians, breeders and clubs, and in 2020 - the international social business network https : //b2bingo.com.

Advantages of the QSNE hardware-software complex:

  • the ability to scale horizontally and, consequently, the absence of restrictions on functionality and traffic;
  • a wide range of options that do not affect the speed and quality of work;
  • flexible customization option;
  • multilevel protection of user data;
  • Aggressive caching system similar to the mechanisms used on Facebook;
  • artificial intelligence, and more.

Based on the platform, it is possible to implement Internet projects of any complexity and subject matter as soon as possible: it can easily be adapted both to the scale of the business and to changing the tasks of the owner.

Qwerty Networks invests in IT projects and startups, the creation of AI systems, the development of specialized social networks and applications.

We are also interested in promising co-investors and partners for individual start-ups and participation in such areas as:

The Immortal People project is an investment startup within the framework of the “digital immortality” project, implemented on the Qwerty Social Network Engine platform and based on the capabilities of Qwerty AI.

The SocMedical project is an international medical social network based on the QSNE hardware and software system.

The Qwerty AI Messenger project is a modern mobile messenger equipped with modules for business chats and artificial intelligence.

We look forward to working with you!

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