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A social network is a highly loaded Internet resource that has virtually unlimited possibilities for content generation and allows the owner to receive a high income. Confirmation of this is the experience of a group of Harvard students who created Facebook. If you think that this idea "shot" by accident, then this is not so. Not only funds were invested on Facebook, but also enormous intellectual resources, which allow its creators to enjoy the results.

Developing your own social network is not an easy task. Here are some helpful tips to help you get the right action algorithm.

  1. Clearly determine the topic. Social networks of a general orientation already exist, but you do not need to try to cover the whole world. To get a millionth loyal audience, it’s enough to find a relevant topic and do everything possible to fully reflect the idea in each element of a future resource.
  2. Create a user portrait. Gender, age, profession, hobbies, habits, place of residence, social activity, marital status, work schedule, leisure - everything matters. The more carefully you draw all the representatives of the target audience, the more effective your work will be. It is most convenient to contact a professional marketer for a portrait of CA.
  3. Think about promotion. At the start, you can restrict yourself to a standard SEO service package, but in the future your reputation will start working: if your space completely satisfies the audience, it will grow exponentially. A satisfied customer is your main and most effective advertisement.
  4. Decide on monetization. Since a social network is a very serious and productive business tool, it will generate profit constantly. You can take advantage of the experience of your successful colleagues, or you can come up with your own ways of making money. If you demonstrate to your customers your ability to retain and constantly expand your audience, they will be happy to advertise with you. Both direct and native advertising, video reviews, blogger posts, articles, announcements and press releases work. Additionally, you can sell options, services, applications and other products. The commission from the sale showed itself perfectly.
  5. Start developing a social network.

The implementation of such a large-scale project cannot be entrusted to an ordinary webmaster or studio that does not have experience in developing international loaded projects. Do not be fooled! After all, you want to start earning, and not wasting years.

Social networks are growing at a tremendous speed, so free engines are not your option. For the network, in principle, the concept of “engine” is irrelevant, because the platform must have broad functionality, flexibility and the ability to scale to any number of users and any amount of content. All options should work seamlessly and smoothly.

Do not forget that modern users are advanced and very demanding people. Many of them have already encountered problems with free platforms, and they simply won’t come to you if you know that you are based ... on WordPress 🤣

Your solution is a hardware-software complex focused on creating large-scale web projects with a million traffic.

Qwerty Social Network Engine is an exclusive development of our company. Based on QSNE, you can create a virtual space that can pleasantly surprise even the most selective person. We have provided absolutely everything, but if you want more ... we will do it!

Advantages of the QSNE hardware-software complex:

  • High level of user data protection.
  • Developed server infrastructure that allows you to safely store any amount of content and share it.
  • 40 world languages with automatic translation of materials, messages and comments.
  • Internal billing payment system using national currencies and virtual currency.
  • Functionality of the marketplace with the function of safe transactions and logistics solutions.
  • Aggressive data caching.
  • Own search engine, mail server, messenger.
  • Artificial Intelligence Qwerty Al as a personal assistant.
  • Intelligent content pre-moderation, news delivery from authoritative sources.
  • Hundreds of other solutions working on the rapid development of your project.

And all this - for a reasonable price! Millions will definitely not be needed. If you have created a project, but don’t have the funds to implement it, the company is ready to participate in the development and promotion by offering you profitable options for co-financing.

We are confident in our abilities, and we know how to make you second Zuckerberg! Contact Qwerty Networks!

Dies ist eine automatische Übersetzung.
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