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Qwerty Networks, the creator of the hardware and software complex for highly loaded international projects Qwerty Social Network Engine, is pleased to announce that the development of the MVP version of the global medical social network SocMedical.com has started!

This is a project with unlimited development prospects, which has no analogues in the world.

The main idea is to provide medical staff and consumers of these services from around the world with the opportunity to exchange valuable information related to health.

Also, community members using this resource will receive an previously inaccessible opportunity to work together to solve pressing health and healthcare problems, provide and receive online services, use an extensive knowledge base and independently generate unique content.

Health issues unite a huge number of people, regardless of their interests, age and professional activity. Therefore, a potential user of the social network SocMedical.com is every person for whom the topic of health and medical services is currently relevant.

Accordingly, this is a large part of the citizens of developed countries: coverage is practically unlimited.

What problems does the social network SocMedical.com solve?

The main reason for the emergence of SocMedical.com is the lack of platforms for relevant international communications.

Our reality is that every country has a certain reputation in terms of the level of health care - and therefore the quality, cost and effectiveness of medical services. A person who is faced with a particular health problem may a priori not find solutions in his own country if it provides for inappropriate treatment methods or prohibits the necessary drugs.

Prior to this, the only sources of information were personal contacts within the country or abroad, or, in extreme cases, forums - but objective data in this way is difficult to obtain: the information is very contradictory, users lack criteria for comparison. This task should be solved by a single information space.

There are no web projects in the world that would become convenient aggregators of verified information, a database of medical institutions and specialists, and a communication tool at the same time. SocMedical.com completely covers this need.

An advantage of the project is its interactivity. The audience will be able to not only generate and study specialized information, but also interact with each other: experts and medical workers will have the right to conduct online consultations on the basis of the resource. Each expert, before starting to provide services, must pass a test and confirm the qualifications.

Since there are no analogues of the project in the world, there are no standards: SocMedical.com will become not only a platform for interaction between specialists and patients, but also a standard for the development of online platforms in this area.

Our task is to allow people to independently and as objectively as possible, without geographical restrictions, choose medical services and specialists, which will make health a much more achievable goal.

Features of the social network SocMedical.com

The basic functionality of the Qwerty Social Network Engine platform allows any social network to reach the international level and give its users maximum in terms of options and security: this includes work in dozens of languages, horizontal scaling of the platform, the ability to create communities, and a multi-level protection system, and internal payment system.

Also, especially for the SocMedical.com project, we have activated the option of online consultations from anywhere in the world and combined the best medical services. Our user finds himself in a global service and information environment that will solve his current health problems.

Briefly about the platform functionality:

- 10 languages of the world with the possibility of intelligent automatic translation of all verbal content into the user's language;
- the capabilities of artificial intelligence Qwerty AI - a proprietary company of Qwerty Networks for the effective and comfortable use of medical information databases;
- Creation of communities and thematic groups, the possibility of creating platforms for discussing various aspects of health and healthcare;
- a convenient catalog of medical institutions and services with the option of a direct order of consultations and other types of services based on a social network;
- a catalog of medical workers with mandatory confirmation of qualifications (downloading diplomas and other supporting documents). For professional accounts, a number of special functions will be available;
- knowledge bases on medicine and medicines in the public domain;
- the functionality of the advisory service: both users and healthcare professionals will be able to answer questions;
- The social network also acts as an aggregator of current news in the fields of science and medicine from trusted sources.

We will be happy to discuss the co-investment of the SocMedical.com project.

Significant funds have been invested in the creation of the QSNE platform, and this is the only hardware and software solution for creating large-scale international projects with a million coverage today.

We are so convinced of the success of the social network SocMedical.com, because it is due not only to its acute relevance and lack of analogues in the world, but also to the unprecedented functionality of the platform.

Specialists at Qwerty Networks created a detailed business plan and financial model for the project. We invite co-investors to jointly launch the international medical social network SocMedical.com with Qwerty Networks.

Take part in a project that will be a breakthrough in the field of online business!

Dies ist eine automatische Übersetzung.
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