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An electronic portal is an opportunity to transfer your audience to a remote way of receiving information and sharing experience. Recently, this format of web resources has become interested in state and private companies that generate large volumes of content and need to create a single data access center with a convenient navigation system and a large number of services.

Electronic portals and applications use:

  • State organizations.
  • Education system.
  • Medical institutions.
  • Large companies.
  • Private online business.

A web portal is the most convenient way of exchanging information and requiring relatively small financial and human resources. But when creating it, you need to use solutions that take into account a number of the following important nuances:

👉🏽 Horizontal scaling. An informational, educational or corporate portal is an international network uniting audiences from around the world. Portals always attract millions of users, and a weak platform simply can not cope with them. The system must scale to meet growing demands.

👉🏽 Data Security. The protection of personal data and user content should be of paramount importance if you focus on a serious online business.

👉🏽 A large number of options. Your platform should be capacious, adaptive and flexible so that users do not experience problems communicating and carrying out business communications.

 For high-level electronic portals, there is the only relevant solution for today - the Qwerty Social Networks Engine software and hardware complex. It was developed with the aim of creating on its basis highly loaded projects - social networks and web portals, and since 2014 it has become a platform for hundreds of successful international resources. 

Features of the Qwerty Social Networks Engine platform:

  • Artificial Intelligence Qwerty AI as a guarantor of many perfectly functioning functions, an intelligent moderator and translator of content, an aggregator of relevant materials, a personal assistant, interlocutor and employee of the service.
  • More than 40 languages of the world for users from around the world and automatic translation of all content, including correspondence and comments.
  • Built-in multi-currency payment system with the ability to store funds on the balance sheet and conduct various financial transactions.
  • A multi-level system for protecting personal data and materials from hacks, brute force, ddos and other types of hacker attacks with notification of providers.
  • Cloud-based storage of content according to the principle of Google Drive (server node structure).
  • Antivirus content check.
  • Built-in messenger.
  • Own search engine.
  • Internal mail server.
  • Ability to create communities, subscriptions, add to friends.
  • Flexible privacy settings.
  • A system of smart contracts and secure transactions.
  • Ability to send SMS and phone calls.
  • SMM tools.

The Qwerty Social Network Engine platform is an impeccable solution for creating an electronic portal of any orientation and scale. Since 2014, it has successfully passed the test of traffic and content, becoming the basis for hundreds of complex projects of international level.

Qwerty Networks specialists offer you not only the only powerful technical solution for developing a global web resource today, but also help in launching it. We analyze various projects with interest and take part in the best of them as co-investors and partners.
Join the 21st century industry’s fastest growing industry - online business!

See you at Qwerty Networks!

Dies ist eine automatische Übersetzung.
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