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No, no, we have nothing against Facebook. On the contrary, we consider Zuckerberg our spiritual father))) and even use some of his ideas. But the modern social network is, admittedly, not Facebook anymore. Times have changed and public entertainment venues have changed. Today these are international projects with a narrower focus, uniting not “everyone and everything”, but specific groups of the population with specific tasks and interests.

Why is that? Because “about everything” is “about nothing”. Are you going to solve a specific problem on Instagram if you are, say, a veterinarian or a fan of rare coins? Yes, you can find point information there, but it is difficult and, as a rule, not very effective.

A thematic social network compares favorably with a general project in the following parameters:

  • Your target audience has a comfortable virtual platform, where each participant gets the most useful content and meets only interesting people. Artificial intelligence is responsible for quality, which moderates, translates, aggregates and ranks materials, communicates as a personal consultant and assistant.
  • Specialists have the opportunity to create professional accounts if they have documents to confirm their qualifications, and their clients can receive the necessary services.
  • Users do not actually have a sense of geographic boundaries, as the platform automatically translates content into the selected language.
  • All specialized content is securely stored thanks to an advanced server structure. It is protected from plagiarism and copying, it is convenient to exchange them in the process of communication. Some of the content can be made paid, and some - open, depending on the project policy.

Shares of well-known companies are very expensive. It is much more profitable to invest in professional thematic startups with proven successful cases.

Since 2001, Qwerty Networks has been engaged in information security and business process automation.

In 2014, having started to implement international social networks and large web portals, we realized that there are simply no platforms capable of "pulling" really serious resources with large tasks in the IT market. And we created our own solution, which took into account all the difficulties and problems we faced.

Qwerty Social Networks Engine is a hardware and software complex for the implementation of large-scale international projects with a million audience and wide functionality.

On the basis of QSNE, we launch and promote industrial web portals, marketplaces, online schools and social networks to the global online market, which become not an additional, but an independent and very powerful income generator.

The platform is easily customized for each individual project, has unlimited scalability, supports more than 47 world languages, uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence, is equipped with a built-in payment system and provides users with a high level of security.

Our projects and developments:

  • Qwerty Social Network Engine. Hardware and software complex for the implementation and development of complex web resources.
  • Qwerty Neural Network. Neural networks for solving complex neurolinguistic problems. An example is the digital robot Marat Gelman, created on the basis of artificial intelligence Qwerty AI.
  • Blog platform Qwerty.Blog. Since 2016, the resource has been bringing together an audience from different countries of the world and allows bloggers to communicate in 47 languages.
  • Social network vetworld.net. An international project created for pet owners, veterinarians, breeders, as well as owners, participants and representatives of thematic clubs.
  • Business network https://b2bingo.com. A platform for communication and a unique knowledge base for businessmen and those interested in the business sphere.

Qwerty Networks actively supports new digital projects and promising startups, participates as a partner and co-investor in the development of artificial intelligence systems, thematic social networks and applications.

We are also pleased to invite co-investors and partners to participate in the following promising areas:

  • Immortal People project. Investment startup within the framework of the "digital immortality" project, implemented on the QSNE platform and based on the capabilities of Qwerty AI.
  • SocMedical project. Social network on the QSNE platform, which was created for those who care about health and health issues. We equipped it with a separate functionality for exchanging useful contacts, creating professional accounts, and conducting paid online consultations.
  • Qwerty AI Messenger project. A mobile messenger, a full-fledged analogue of Whatsapp and Telegram with blocking protection, secure encryption key exchange based on the Diffie-Hellman protocol, the ability to create an internal social network. Equipped with artificial intelligence.

Qwerty Networks is waiting for you!

Dies ist eine automatische Übersetzung.
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